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Address: VIA BORGONUOVO 36 LOC. PININO 22020 COMO ITALY (on lake Como)
Directions: from the Airport, (Milan) MXP Auto strata highway take direction to Milan After many kilometers you will find cut off to your right to Como it will take 20 to 30 minutes driving you'll exit Como SUD (south) If you like to buy groceries for the week: as you exit the auto strata look for the sign that says "BENNETT" (Italian WALL Mart superstore).Continue for Como CENTRO (center) and follow the sign to BELLAGIO, Half way to BELLAGIO from Como (16 km.) is the town of NESSO Continue driving till you will pass the Restaurant TRE ROSE, park and met agency to get keys and information next to it there is a pharmacy (Paramecia) across the road is a bar continue to go for about 500 miter, you will see the Church Bell Towers continue for 200 miters till you'll see a parking space to your left for about six to seven cars. This is where you need to turn down and drive down to white house Top Floor is VERANDA Bottom floor is VISTA LAGO then on your right you will see a gate with 31 A - BORGONUOVO mailbox left of gate there is a button press button Open the gate and you will go down steps to the white Villa 1 Top floor is VERANDA 2 Bottom floor VISTALAGO Please Email us with any questions Travel light. ARRIVAL TIME: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM AFTER 8:00 PM YOU PAY FEE (EUROS) 30.00 DEPARTURE TIME: 8:30 AM-9:30 AM please leave 120.00 (EUROS) on table if you haven't paid cleaning fee already and keys in the Door knob web site (505).474.7462(US)
VERANDA Top floor VISTA LAGO Bottom floor
Upon arriving to VERANDA & VISTALAGO 120.00 (Euros) for final cleaning fee per floor
Instructions Please read the following:
1: VILLA VERANDA OR VISTALAGO Please when you leave for breakfast lunch dinner or a day trip please secure all shutters and close and lock all windows rewind or hand crank all awnings to prevent damage when bad weather or rain storms are coming and turn off all light switches
2: POWER OUTAGE sometimes the power goes off due to bad weather or to many things plugged in such as washer dishwasher blow dryers microwave oven, etc. if this happens you can find electric panels near kitchen and switch on VERANDA top floor is behind kitchen door VISTALAGO bottom floor is on right side of entrance to kitchen if the power doesn't come back on the go to top of stairs in the garden you can find electric panel box and switch on
3: GARBAGE Please take all garbage up to top of main road to trash bins containers gray box with green lid to prevent bugs and animals from making a mess at top of main road where bus stop is and main parking or traffic is not in our private parking lot at top of stairs
4: HEATING Please do not touch thermostat it can break (winter time only) and is 30.00 euros per x day
5: STORE 031910757 Elisabeth Posca,Mari Angela next door walking distance from gate go right and follow path buy grocery and pay a small fee and they deliver and pay for delivery to VERANDA or VISTALAGO CASA BIANCA In BELLAGIO CONSORZIO, MIGROS and other little stores in COMO BENNETS, ESSELUNGA, CARREFOUR, STANDA, IPER,Ferry Boats Nesso,Como,Bellagio,Boat rentals Lezzeno,Bellagio,Como
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